OverPowered UltraPunch “OpUp”


Op-Up or (OverPowered UltraPunch) is a Video Gaming Podcast. Op-Up will publish episodes of around 20 minutes every week, some special episodes published occasionally, like sprinkles on a sunday, 1 extra special episode monthly, and finally 1 super extra special episode at the end of the year, cherry on top. In the monthly special episode, we will discuss current events and news in the world of video gaming. Op-Up episodes are heavily subjective, the hosts are loud, obnoxious, and use excessive amounts of profanity, also we think we are funny. Op-Up looks at the past (retro) present and future of video gaming, video game consoles, hardware, software, vaporware, gaming news, and gimmicks are a few of the categories of topics Op-Up will cover. Op-Up is the platform to discuss all aspects of video gaming, visit our FaceBook page HERE and you can become part of the discussion. Please call us out on anything we may have stated that was incorrect (extremely unlikely), in the event that any mistakes were made Op-Up will have follow up episodes where we discuss the errors we made (note: there probably won’t be any, because like we are perfect) and we will shout out those who set us straight.